Edit (11/18/2016): GitHub no longer supports languages other than English.

Today, thanks to our great community, we’re turning on a number of languages that you can view GitHub in other than English.

Currently we have 日本語 (Japanese), Français (French), Српски (Serbian), Deutsch (German), Svenska (Swedish), Hrvatski (Croatian), Polski (Polish) and Nederlands (Dutch). More are coming soon.

You will now see links to these languages in the footer of each GitHub page. Just click on one of the languages to switch to it – it will store your language choice in your session. If your browser has the Accept-Language header set and you have not selected a language choice yet, we’ll prompt at the top of the page if you want us to switch to that language.

Not all of the site is translated, but hopefully most of the really important parts are and we’ll work on getting even more of it done in the near future.

Some of these translations are still a bit rough – if you want to comment on them or suggest improvements or sections of the site that should be translated next there is a Google Group here.