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Pwning Pixel 6 with a leftover patch

In this post, I’ll look at a security-related change in version r40p0 of the Arm Mali driver that was AWOL in the January update of the Pixel bulletin, where other patches from r40p0 was applied, and how these two lines of changes can be exploited to gain arbitrary kernel code execution and root from a malicious app. This highlights how treacherous it can be when backporting security changes.

Man Yue Mo
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Pwning the all Google phone with a non-Google bug

It turns out that the first “all Google” phone includes a non-Google bug. Learn about the details of CVE-2022-38181, a vulnerability in the Arm Mali GPU. Join me on my journey through reporting the vulnerability to the Android security team, and the exploit that used this vulnerability to gain arbitrary kernel code execution and root on a Pixel 6 from an Android app.

Man Yue Mo