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A more connected universe

A more connected universe

Almost a decade ago, GitHub was created as a place for developers to work together on code. Now, millions of people around the world use our platform to build businesses,…

Jason Warner
GitHub Release Radar October 2017 Edition

Release Radar · October 2017

We’re kicking off Cyber Security month with a few projects to help up your security game with the tools and know-how to protect yourself from common vulnerabilities. These are the…

Lee Reilly
Introducing GitHub Enterprise 2.11

Introducing GitHub Enterprise 2.11

Enhance performance in high availability environments, define more granular permissions, and seamlessly review code with GitHub Enterprise 2.11. Our latest release brings together some of the most-requested features…

Dirkjan Bussink

Soft U2F

In an effort to increase the adoption of FIDO U2F second factor authentication, we're releasing Soft U2F: a software-based U2F authenticator for macOS. We've long been interested in promoting better…

Ben Toews

Introducing code owners

While effective code review is essential to every successful project, it's not always clear who should review files—even with GitHub's reviewer suggestions. Now repository maintainers can define exactly which people…

Jared Pace
Git 2.13 has been released

Git 2.13 has been released

The open source Git project has just released Git 2.13.0, with features and bugfixes from over 65 contributors. Before we dig into the new features, we have a brief security…

Jeff King