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GitHub Jobs Pre-Launch

One week from today (August 10th) we're launching our job board: GitHub Jobs. Simple and focused, GitHub Jobs is a great way for the best developers to find the best…

Kyle Neath

GitHub Rebase #43

github-rebase(1) – Forward-port awesome projects to the updated upstream head Featured Project memcached is the battle tested in-memory key/value store that helps power GitHub among countless other sites and makes…

Nick Quaranto

Collaborator tweaks

Today we rolled out a couple changes in the way collaborators work with GitHub. Dashboard repository listing The dashboard repository listing now includes all repositories you can push to. So…

Kyle Neath

GitHub Rebase #40

Time for another GitHub Rebase, covering some of the latest and greatest projects that make their home here on GitHub. Let me know if yours should be on a future…

Nick Quaranto

GitHub Rebase #39

Welcome to GitHub Rebase #39! Just remember, git rot is a unique two-part liquid epoxy that saturates and restores original strength to wood by penetrating the rot. Not necessary to…

Nick Quaranto

GitHub Rebase #36

As always, if you have neat projects you want to show off send me a message! I usually try to keep a balance of languages/domains between the posts, so don't…

Nick Quaranto

GitHub Rebase #35

Rebase: good for reorganizing commits, squashing down changesets, and repairing dentures. Featured Project vanity is an experiment driven development framework for Ruby on Rails that uses A/B Testing to maximize…

Nick Quaranto

GitHub Rebase #32

Want to see your project on Rebase? Check out the howto! I also seem to be running short of interesting Git images as well. If you see any, and given…

Nick Quaranto

Introducing Resque

Resque is our Redis-backed library for creating background jobs, placing those jobs on multiple queues, and processing them later. Background jobs can be any Ruby class or module that responds…

Chris Wanstrath

Gist Improvements

Another day, more updates! We just rolled out some subtle changes to Gist Search! All gists are now searchable. Want to find all gists about unicorn? Done. Unified user box.…

Kyle Neath

BioPython on GitHub

BioPython has moved development to GitHub. Read about it in their blog post or check out their GitUsage guide. img They join BioRuby and all the other bio…

Chris Wanstrath

The 2009 GitHub Contest

Today we're announcing our 2009 GitHub Contest. Since the Netflix prize is now over, we figured you guys needed something to do. Here is your chance to contribute to the…

Scott Chacon

GitHub Rebase #25

It's the 25th edition of Rebase! If you're feeling nostalgic and want to dive through the previous issues, check out the archive here. Featured Project pinax is a Django-based platform…

Nick Quaranto

GitHub Rebase #23

It's Rebase time once again! Featured Project clojure is a functional programming language based on Lisp that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. It recently hit a pretty huge milestone…

Nick Quaranto

GitHub: Best Young Entrepreneurs

BusinessWeek has named the GitHub cofounders some of the best young entrepreneurs of 2009. img Thanks to everyone who tweeted their support and thanks to BusinessWeek for the…

Chris Wanstrath

GitHub Issue Tracker!

It gives us great pleasure to announce our integrated issue tracking system! On repository pages you'll now see an "Issues" tab in the top menu. Here's a quick rundown of…

Tom Preston-Werner

Groovy on Grails on GitHub

Grails, the high-productivity web framework for the Java platform, can now be found on GitHub at img Welcome, Grailers! Interested in Groovy or Grails? Be sure to…

Chris Wanstrath

Afternoon Outage

Sorry about the outage - our DNS provider was down. We've switched providers and the original provider is back up, so everything should be okay.

Chris Wanstrath

Rails API with GitHub Links

This is just too cool. @voloko has created, a downloadable, smart searchable Ruby on Rails API with a great interface. img img img…

Chris Wanstrath


Findjango is a Django vertical search which now support GitHub! img Read the most recent blog post for updates and future plans.

Chris Wanstrath