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Search by @me

You can now create and share search queries that resolve to the current user by using the @me search syntax. For example, navigating to (when logged into GitHub) will return all…

Luke Hefson

Code search exact match (limited beta)

Users who have been selected for the beta are now able to search select repositories by pressing f on the repository page and entering their desired query. By default it will return results which exactly match the given (including word boundaries). Users are then able to further refine the results by requiring them to match the case of the query and/or match the whole word.

Matt Colyer

Vulcanizer: a library for operating Elasticsearch

Vulcanizer is a Go library for interacting with an Elasticsearch cluster. Its goal is to provide a high-level API to help with common tasks associated with operating an Elasticsearch cluster such as querying health status of the cluster, migrating data off of nodes, updating cluster settings, and more.

GitHub Engineering

Exclude labels from search

Excluding labels is now easier by using the alt keyboard modifier (or ⌥ on macOS) in an issue or pull request list filter to choose which labels you want to omit from…

Luke Hefson

Responsive search pages

All search pages are now responsive on mobile devices. This means you can search across code, topics, Marketplace, and wikis when navigating on any of your devices.