State of the Hub: Rackspace day 0

Hi folks, if you’re reading this, you’re on the new servers! I wanted to put up a quick update so that everyone knows what to expect going into our first…

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Hi folks, if you’re reading this, you’re on the new servers! I wanted to put up a quick update so that everyone knows what to expect going into our first week on Rackspace. Interesting side note, this is also our 500th post. I think someone planned that…

At any rate, all in all the move is progressing nicely. We’ve run into a few issues, but we were expecting something to happen. Damn that Murphy.

  • We had to drop the records in events table for the time being. These are what show up in your dashboard and profile. We will be bringing this data back in, and new events should be generating as normal.
  • The gem builder is off for the time being. Gems that have already been built will still be served, but new ones won’t build right now. For those of you that need your rubygem fix, I’d like to shamelessly plug gemcutter
  • Forks will be giving out warnings on pull telling you to check .git/objects/info/alternates. These are a harmless side-effect of the de-alternates script we ran on repos on Rackspace. Once we’re satisfied that no repos are broken we will patch up these error messages.
  • New repos are currently being created as non-bare. If you’re running a newer version of git you may get a long warning about pushing to a non-bare repo. You can ignore that warning. We will fix up the currently clothed repos after we’ve fixed the issue causing them not create bare in the first place.
  • Some new repo jobs did not create on disk while we were trying to fix the bare repo issue. If you created a new repo after the move and pushing fails with an error, please open a ticket so we can ensure your repo is created.
  • Thanks to our new servers, known bad keys from Debian and Ubuntu are now blacklisted. We estimate that about 1000 keys in our database were impacted by this. If you get authentication errors using keys that worked a day ago, please double-check that they are not on our blacklist. If they are, you should ensure your software is updated and generate new keys. We’ve got a guide to help you out with this.
  • Some users that are failing key auth are being prompted for gitnotextile>@</’s password. You should consider this the same as a Permission denied (publickey) error.
  • Clone URLs beginning with ssh:// are not functioning currently. This appears to effect users running corkscrew to bypass firewalls and users of pip.
    Update ssh cloning should be back now, please let us know if you have any issues.
    Re-update I think this only fixed users on port 22, corkscrew users are probably still going to hit errors
  • Tarball and zip package generation was not working initially. These should work now, please let us know if they don’t.
  • Repo clone stats are not updating currently, this should be back in a few days.

There you have it. Overall we’re very happy with the progress so far. We’re already seeing marked improvement in site performance. Oh, and if you didn’t notice, there’s some tweaks to the dashboard to make dealing with repos and watches a little easier. You should see some more improvements to the dashboard soon.

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