Introducing GitHub Enterprise 2.13

Upgrade to version 2.13 to start using all of these new features.

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Our latest GitHub Enterprise release has arrived with new ways for teams to collaborate, manage permissions, build custom tools, and more. Here’s an overview of what you’ll get when you upgrade to 2.13.

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More collaboration

Team discussions

Team discussions give your team a dedicated home for conversations that aren’t related to code changes—so they’re easy to find when you need them without cluttering issues and pull requests.

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Commit co-authors

With commit co-authors, your team can see who has contributed to every commit, regardless of how many contributors there are and make sure every author gets attribution in the pull request and in their contribution graph.

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Seamless admin

Built-in authentication with external providers

It’s easier than ever to make sure the right developers, contractors, and machine users have access to your instance with built-in authentication providers. And having more than one authentication process means that you always have a fallback when an external adaptor goes down or is undergoing maintenance.

Extended pre-receive hooks

We’ve extended pre-receive hooks so policies can be configured when code is pushed to your instance. With Git push options (--push-options), developers can transmit strings to the server for your pre-receive hooks.

Hotpatching for clustering

With hotpatching updates, you’ll now be able to roll out hotpatches for clustering without downtime.

Grafana in your Monitor Dashboard

Your Monitor Dashboard just got an upgrade of its own with the help of Grafana! Now you’ll be able to access more detailed performance graphs for your instance and have more control over how you analyze and share data in your organization.


Custom tools

GitHub Apps

GitHub Apps are fresh out of preview and fully available for teams using GitHub Enterprise 2.13. Now you can customize your workflow in just about any way you’d like with the help of GitHub APIs.

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To learn more, check out our release notes or RSVP for one of our upcoming webcasts:

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