Introducing the GitHub Education Stream Team!

We are taking GitHub Campus TV to the next level with the help of emerging developers! How? Students from around the world are coming together to host weekly streams on…

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We are taking GitHub Campus TV to the next level with the help of emerging developers! How? Students from around the world are coming together to host weekly streams on Twitch. Streams will focus on everything from coding challenges to preparing for interviews.

Why should you tune in?

The GitHub Education Stream Team (GEST) is on a mission to build a strong community of technologists. The student-led program provides support to emerging developers as they build their skills, navigate the job market, and grow their network. Plus, it offers a unique glimpse into the student experience.

No matter where you are in your learning journey, there is a stream for you. We’ve brought together the brightest, most creative student leaders to host talk shows, game shows, fireside chats, and more. It’s all on the table with GEST!

Meet the Stream Team

🔥 The Campus DevRel Show hosted by Yashovardhan Agrawal

Yash is the APAC Hackathon Community Manager at Major League Hacking. His journey into DevRel started when he joined the Campus Experts Program. There, Yash got involved in other programs, including GitHub Universe, where he was able to learn from DevRel experts and join a community of creators passionate about developers. Today, Yash is not only a community manager, but also an advocate for DevRel, working to inspire others to join the growing field.

What can you look forward to? Inspired by others in the space, Yash is committed to introducing students to the evolving field and that starts with community building. The interactive stream will bring developers together, as well as provide insight into the world of DevRel. You’ll hear from special guests, such as Jonathan Gottfried, co-founder of Major League Hacking, Juan Pa from GitHub and many more inspiring DevRel folks!

Fun Fact: Yash first learned about DevRel from former Educats (GitHub Education team members), John Britton & Joe Nash!

Starting off with the first stream, Jon Britton will be sharing his journey from being a History Graduate to diving into the world of DevRel, and ultimately founding one of the most loved hackathon leagues at MLH. He will also be talking about the opportunities students can utilise with MLH, getting them a headstart into this field.

Are you as excited for this reunion as we are? Stream The Campus DevRel show with Yash every Monday at 8 pm IST on GitHub Campus TV.

🍦 🤙 LatinXperts hosted by Fernanda Monserrat Ramírez Ochoa

As a Campus Expert, Fernanda is committed to using her experience and expertise to develop content for the more than 20 million Spanish-speaking students and create inclusive spaces for developers. LatinXperts will feature guest speakers, workshops, demos, and more!

Fernanda shared her goal for generating content in Spanish explaining, “It’s a great opportunity to open borders, create inclusive spaces and demonstrate that talent has no language, color or geographical location. That allows our Latinx students to discover trends, meet and be inspired by people who are growing internationally, reach countries where there are no campus experts, and take advantage of the programs on GitHub.”

Stream LatinXperts starting April 21 every Tuesday at 7 pm GMT-6 and follow GitHub Campus TV for notifications.

🔒 Security Shorts hosted by Fenil Shah and Harish R.

Streaming from India, join Fenil and Harish every Tuesday to chat about all things cyber security. If you’re enthusiastic about security, then this talk show is for you! Whether you’re an expert or new to the field, the stream will introduce new topics and go deeper into weekly CTFs and security updates. The talk show includes a deep dive into the world of security with industry experts, advice on how to land an internship, AMAs, and more.

What motivated the Campus Experts to host Security Shorts? Their passion for streaming and desire to connect with the audience. The duo shared their goal to “have fun and gain insights about the current trends in cyber sec.”

Will you be there on Tuesday? Catch Security Shorts starting April 20.

✨👨‍💻 Open Source with KhattakDev

What inspired Arsalan Dilawar to join GEST? The Campus Expert shared that “contributing back to the community is one of my primary goals. I’ve always wanted to start streaming and I am excited to connect with a large audience and make our mini open source community via GitHub.”

Arsalan joined MLH Fellowship as a Fellow last summer, now he’s working as a team lead. Apart from that he’s an open source contributor. You can talk to him about open source and communities.

What’s in store for viewers at home? Each week Arsalan will be building something new.

✅GitHub Action/Apps
✅ Web application
✅ CLI-based applications
✅ Bots

Ready to get started? Join Open Source with KhattakDev starting April 24 every Saturday at 11 PM (GMT +5) on GitHub Campus TV!

Where else can you catch up with Arsalan? Subscribe to his YouTube channel for a crash course in Visual Studio Code, JavaScript, and more!

That’s not all

GEST is adding new streams every week! Whether you’re a first time GitHub user or a total pro, there is a stream for you! GEST includes:

👏 21 student streamers
📺 16 shows added over the next 4 months
🌎 students in 11 countries
💬 shows in 5 languages (English, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic)

Get involved today

Step 1: Follow GitHub Education on Twitch for notifications
Step 2: Tune in for live streams every week

Don’t worry, if you miss a stream you can watch a replay on GitHub Campus TV!

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