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Sunsetting security settings default parameters in the organization REST APIs

Code security configurations will be made generally available (GA) on July 10th, 2024. At that point, we will sunset the organization-level code security settings UI experience along with the API parameters that complemented it.

If you are currently using the Update an organization REST API endpoint to set default security settings for new repositories, or the Get an organization REST API endpoint to retrieve current defaults for security settings on new repositories, those parameters will now be ignored. The parameters will be removed entirely in the next version of the REST API.

Your previous default settings in your organization have been saved to a code security configuration called “Legacy” and will continue to apply. To change the default security settings for new repositories, use the code security configurations UI, the configurations API, or the unaffected enterprise-level security settings.

Learn more about code security configurations, the configurations REST API, or send us your feedback.

GitHub Copilot Enterprise subscribers in Visual Studio can now use Copilot Chat to get answers enriched with context from Copilot knowledge bases. To try out this functionality, you’ll need to be running Visual Studio 17.11 Preview 3 or later.

You can access a knowledge base from any Copilot Chat conversation by typing @github, pressing the # key, selecting a knowledge base from the autocomplete, and then entering your question. Copilot will respond, using the Markdown documentation in your knowledge base as context for its answer.

For more details, check out the docs for Copilot Chat in Visual Studio. To try Copilot Chat yourself, download the extension.

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