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Secret scanning on demand validity checks for NuGet and Azure

Starting today, you can now perform on demand validity checks for NuGet API keys and supported Azure connection strings. These checks will also continue to run on an ongoing basis.

GitHub secret scanning lets you know if your secret is active or inactive with partner validity checks. These checks are run on an ongoing basis for supported providers for any repositories that have enabled the validity check feature; you can also perform on demand validity checks from the alert details page.

Learn how to secure your repositories with secret scanning or sign up for a 60 minute feedback session on secret scanning and be compensated for your time.

Auto-triage rules help you reduce alert and pull request fatigue, while better managing your alerts at scale.

With Dependabot auto-triage rules, you can create your own custom rules to control how Dependabot ignores alerts with auto-dismissal, snoozes and reopens alerts, and generates pull requests to fix alerts – so you can focus on the alerts that matter, without worrying about the alerts that don’t.

Rules can be created with the following alert attributes:
– Dependency scope (devDependency or runtime)
– Ecosystem
– Manifest path (for repository-level rules only)
– Package name
– Patch availability
– Severity

For more information and how to use this feature, please refer to our documentation.

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