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GitHub Actions: Ubuntu 24.04 image now available for arm64 runners

Developers can now run their Actions workflows using Ubuntu 24.04 on the GitHub-Hosted arm64 runners that are currently in public beta.
To get started using Ubuntu 24.04, create an arm64 runner in your organization/enterprise, and select the “Ubuntu 24.04 by Arm Limited” partner image. Then update the runs-on syntax in your GitHub Actions workflow file to match that runner name. To learn more about how to set-up arm64 hosted runners, you can check out the documentation.

This new image is provided by Arm and is not maintained by GitHub. If you spot any issues with your workflows when using Ubuntu 24.04, or if you have feedback on the software installed on the image, you can provide feedback in the partner-runner-images repository.

Since the initial beta release of the Copilot User Management API, we’ve heard feedback that obtaining the full set of Copilot seats and their associated activity status has been cumbersome. Many enterprise admins did not have the necessary “write” permissions and needed to iterate over multiple organizations’ data due to the lack of an enterprise endpoint.

With today’s update, we’ve added a centralized enterprise endpoint for listing Copilot seats and associated metadata across the enterprise. We have also updated the necessary scope to read:enterprise. Now, all enterprise admins can quickly gather their enterprise’s Copilot seats details with just one API request!

Likewise, for existing, non-destructive endpoints on the User Management API, we have updated all minimum permission requirements to read from write.

Check out our updated documentation to learn more and try it out today! You can share your feedback with us in this discussion.

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