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The new Tool group-by option on the security overview trends graph provides a visualization of alert trends, organized by the security tools that detected each vulnerability. It’s designed to improve your ability to track and analyze the effectiveness of your scanning tools, enabling more strategic decision-making.

Example of the alert trends chart grouped by security tool

With this new functionality, you can:
* Pinpoint which tools are detecting the most critical vulnerabilities.
* Monitor the performance of your scanners over time.
* Prioritize your remediation efforts based on detailed insights.

To access this feature, navigate to the Security tab at the organization level on GitHub, and choose the Tool option in the Group by dropdown.

This functionality is now available as a public beta on GitHub Enterprise Cloud and will be available in GitHub Enterprise Server 3.14.

Learn more about the security overview dashboard for your organization and send us your feedback

We’ve simplified the signup flow to make it easier for maintainers to join Sponsors. If you’re in a supported region, your profile will be accepted immediately.

If you live in a region that isn’t already supported by GitHub Sponsors, you can sign up for the waitlist to participate in GitHub Sponsors. For a list of supported regions, see GitHub Sponsors.

Haven’t signed up for GitHub Sponsors yet? Join now at GitHub Sponsors.

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Azure private networking was made generally available in April 2024 with 11 available regions. GitHub Actions has expanded the number of supported regions to 17, with the following new additions:

  • Germany West Central
  • Sweden Central
  • North Central US
  • South Central US
  • West US 3
  • Japan East

Azure private networking is available for GitHub Enterprise Cloud & Team plans. For the entire list of supported regions, see our documentation. If your desired region is not currently available, please use this form to submit a region request.

To start using Azure private networking for Actions, follow this guide to walk you through configuring Azure resources and creating an Actions network configuration.

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