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Audit Log Streaming Health Check is Generally Available

GitHub’s audit log streaming health check is now generally available! The purpose of the audit log health check is to ensure audit log streams do not fail silently. Every 24 hours, a health check runs for each stream. If a stream is set up incorrectly, an email will be sent to the enterprise owners as notification that their audit log stream is not properly configured.

Example email notification for misconfigured stream

Streamed audit logs are stored for up to seven days on To avoid audit log events being dropped from the stream, a misconfigured stream must be fixed within six days of email notification. To fix your streaming configuration, follow the steps outlined in “Setting up audit log streaming.”

npm feedback is now available on GitHub Community. Previously feedback for npm took place on the npm feedback channel, which is going to be sunset as we migrate unresolved discussions.

External users should utilize the new npm category on GitHub Community to make suggestions to any part of npm, the cli, the registry, and the website. Users can vote and rank topics to voice their opinions and give support to existing items.

Please join us on GitHub Community to share your feedback on npm!

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GitHub Enterprise owners may notice that we removed the Enterprise Help links from your enterprise licensing page ``, which were previously found here:

These shortcuts can still be found elsewhere:

  • GitHub Enterprise documentation is referenced underneath the README on the Enterprise Overview page ``;
  • GitHub Support is discoverable both on the Enterprise Overview page as well as the Support page under settings ``; and
  • GitHub Enterprise Server Support bundles can be uploaded from the Setup > Support Site Admin page as well as the GitHub Enterprise Cloud Support page under settings.
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