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Dependabot multi-directory configuration public beta now available

This public beta enables developers to use a directories key to list multiple directories for the same ecosystem configuration in the dependabot.yml file.

Previously, developers with multiple package manifests for the same ecosystem (e.g. npm, pip, gradle) across multiple directories had to create separate dependabot.yml configurations for each of those directories. This could lead to many duplicated configurations, and high maintenance costs if a developer wished to make a change that spanned multiple directories.

A new dependabot.yml key, directories, is now available in public beta. The directories key accepts a list of strings representing directories, and can be used instead of directory.

Below is an example dependabot.yml multi-directory configuration setup, including how you can use the directories key:

version: 2
  - package-ecosystem: "bundler"
      - "/frontend"
      - "/backend"
      - "/admin"
      interval: "weekly"

This example configuration applies to both security and version updates.

Wildcards and globbing support (i.e. using * to represent a pattern of directories) is coming soon in our next public beta releases, with an expected public beta launch within the next few months. Stay tuned for more!

If a developer still wishes to explicitly enumerate configurations for the same ecosystem using directory, they can still choose to do so; the directory key still accepts single-directory entries. For more information on the directory key, check out the dependabot.yml configuration options for the directory key documentation.

To enhance accessibility for our users, we have introduced a new accessibility setting that allows the underlining of links within text. It is important that links are clearly distinguishable from the surrounding text, which is achieved not only through color but also through additional styling.

For more information on this feature, please visit our documentation. Thank you for all your valuable feedback during the beta phase.

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CodeQL is the static analysis engine that powers GitHub code scanning. CodeQL version 2.17.1 has been released and has now been rolled out to code scanning users on

CodeQL code scanning now supports automatic fix suggestions for C# alerts on pull requests, powered by Copilot. This is automatically enabled for all private repositories for all GitHub Advanced Security customers. For the first time, autofix covers nearly all security queries for a language, with 49 supported queries for C# from our Default and Extended suites. Use our public discussion for questions and feedback.

Also included in this release:

For a full list of changes, please refer to the complete changelog for version 2.17.1. All new functionality will also be included in GHES 3.13. Users of GHES 3.12 or older can upgrade their CodeQL version.

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