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Say goodbye to unwanted files cluttering your repos, like *.jar or *.so. And limit who can make updates to sensitive files like your Actions workflows with the public beta of push rules. 🎉

A glimpse of push rules in action

You can now enable a new type of ruleset that allows you to control pushes to repositories based on file extensions, file path lengths, file and folder paths and file sizes. Push rules don’t require any branch targeting as they apply to every push to the repository, and also apply to all forks of the repo to ensure all pushes to the repository network are protected.

Push rules are now available for private and internal repositories for GitHub Teams, and across organizations for GitHub Enterprise Cloud.

Learn more about push rules in our documentation and join the community discussion to leave feedback.

The CodeQL for Visual Studio Code documentation is now on

This migrates the content from and provides a consistent, single-site experience with improved text, descriptions, images, and navigation.

On May 8, 2024, we’ll begin automatically redirecting from the original location to the new location.

The source files now exist in Markdown format in the public, open-source docs repository. If you would like to contribute, you can consult and follow the steps listed in the GitHub Docs contributing guide.

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GitHub Importer is a tool that quickly imports source code repositories, including commits and revision history, to As part of this release, GitHub Importer has implemented a new method for git source migration that will provide users with improved reliability and more detailed error handling when migrating git source repositories to GitHub. Click here to import your project to GitHub.

As previously communicated, this change comes with the ending of support for the REST API endpoints for source imports. Moving forward, these endpoints will return an error. Users are encouraged to make use of the new import repository page instead.

Lastly, we previously announced that GitHub Importer will no longer support importing Mercurial, Subversion and Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) repositories. Effective today, we’ve ended support for this functionality due to extremely low levels of usage. Moving from these alternative version control systems to Git is simple thanks to fantastic open source tools – for more details, read our Docs article, “Using the command line to import source code”.

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