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GitHub Native IP Allow List expands to EMU User Namespaces – Private Beta

Enterprise owners of GitHub Enterprise Cloud with Enterprise Managed Users (EMUs) can now participate in a private beta introducing GitHub’s native IP allow list configuration to cover user namespaces. This feature will limit access to enterprise-managed user namespaces to the owning enterprise’s IP allow list. Access through the web UI, git protocol, and API are all filtered by the IP allow list. All credentials, including personal access tokens, app tokens, and SSH keys, are covered by this policy.

To enroll in this private beta and make this feature available for your enterprise, reach out to your GitHub Account Manager or contact our sales team.

CodeQL is the static analysis engine that powers GitHub code scanning. CodeQL version 2.17.0 has been released and has now been rolled out to code scanning users on

Important changes in this release include:

For a full list of changes, please refer to the complete changelog for version 2.17.0. All new functionality will also be included in GHES 3.13. Users of GHES 3.12 or older can upgrade their CodeQL version.

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Docker Compose v1 has been deprecated as of July 2023. All customers utilizing Compose v1 on GitHub-hosted runners are encouraged to migrate to Compose v2. Per GitHub’s support policy we will remove this tool from our GitHub managed runner images effective July 9, 2024.

To avoid breaking changes, customers will need to update their Actions workflow files from using docker-compose to docker compose. After July 9, workflows will begin to fail that are using the previous syntax. Customers are advised to review the migration instructions to ensure they are making all the changes required.

For more information on GitHub managed images, see the runner-images repository.

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