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GitHub Education Redesign

New GitHub Education user experience image

GitHub Education is excited to announce the launch of our redesigned experience for Learners! Our goal was to enhance the GitHub Education experience, with a focus on learning new skills, finding opportunities, and helping Learners connect and build their network.

The redesign promotes user-friendliness, accessibility, and intuitive navigation, to provide Learners with the ability to find the resources they need to pursue a career in tech.

You can explore the new design at and share your feedback with us on the GitHub Community Discussions.

Not a GitHub Education Learner yet? Join now at

We’ve clarified the GitHub App creation experience for Enterprise Managed Users (EMUs), updating it for both users and organizations that would like to create an app.

GitHub Apps created within an EMU enterprise are only accessible within the enterprise – they’re blocked for anyone else. In addition, EMU user accounts are unable to install GitHub applications.

To reflect this limitation, we’ve updated the creation UI to disable the “Private” option for EMU users, which prevents users from creating apps that no one can install. We’ve also updated the “Public” option to instead read “This enterprise”, more accurately reflecting where the app can actually be installed.


For more information about EMUs, see “About Enterprise Managed Users“. For more about GitHub Apps, see “About GitHub Apps“.

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Enterprises that own their user accounts can now use SSH CAs to access user-owned repositories. This is an optional setting that enterprises can enable in their enterprise SSH CA settings page. Enabling this setting allows developers to use a single SSH certificate for all of their interactions with GitHub across their user account’s repositories and their enterprise’s repositories.

This is available now for customers using Enterprise Managed Users in GHEC, and will be included in GHES 3.14. It is not available to GHEC Classic enterprises, where developers bring their own personal accounts to the enterprise; the enterprise does not own those accounts and cannot gain access to their repositories.

For more about SSH certificate authorities, see “Managing SSH certificate authorities for your enterprise“.

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