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Dependabot grouped security updates generally available

Dependabot grouped security updates are now generally available. This feature automatically groups Dependabot pull requests, lets you specify several additional options to fine tune your groupings.

You can enable grouped security updates for Dependabot at the repository or organization-level. To enable this feature, go to your repository or organization settings page, then go to the Code security and analysis tab, and click “Enable” for grouped security updates (this also requires each affected repository to enable Dependency graph, Dependabot alerts, and Dependabot security updates). When you enable this feature, Dependabot will collect all available security updates in a repository and attempt to open one pull request with all of them, per ecosystem, across directories.

If you would like more granular control over Dependabot’s grouping, you can also configure the dependabot.yml file in a repository to group by any of the following:

  • Package name
  • Dependency type (production vs development)
  • Semver update level (patch, minor, major)

For additional information, check out the Dependabot configuration file documentation.

For GitHub Enterprise Server users, grouped security updates will be available in Version 3.14.

We have partnered with Mergify to scan for their tokens to help secure our mutual users in public repositories. Mergify’s API key enables users to interact with Mergify’s API in order to retrieve information on their merge queues. GitHub will forward any exposed API keys found in public repositories to Mergify, who will then revoke the key and notify the key owner. Read more information about Mergify API keys.

GitHub Advanced Security customers can also scan for and block Mergify tokens in their private repositories.
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GitHub secret scanning protects users by searching repositories for known types of secrets. By identifying and flagging these secrets, we help protect users from data leaks and fraud associated with exposed data.

We have partnered with volcengine to scan for their access tokens, which are used for cloud computing services. We’ll forward access tokens found in public repositories to volcengine, who will notify the user by email without making any changes to the tokens. Users can request support for their volcengine API tokens.

We continue to welcome new partners for public repository secret scanning. GitHub Advanced Security customers can also scan their private repositories for leaked secrets.
Learn more about secret scanning
Partner with GitHub on secret scanning

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