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WorkOS is now a GitHub secret scanning partner

GitHub secret scanning protects users by searching repositories for known types of secrets such as tokens and private keys. By identifying and flagging these secrets, our scans help prevent data leaks and fraud.

We have partnered with WorkOS to scan for their tokens to help secure our mutual users in public repositories. WorkOS’ API key enables access to WorkOS’ API for adding Enterprise Ready features to your application. GitHub will forward any exposed API keys found in public repositories to WorkOS, who will then notify admin users on your WorkOS account. Read more information about WorkOS API keys.

GitHub Advanced Security customers can also scan for and block WorkOS tokens in their private repositories.

With the 2.16.5 release of CodeQL, we’re introducing a new mechanism for creating a CodeQL database for Java codebases, without relying on a build. This enables organizations to more easily adopt CodeQL for Java projects at scale. Note: this release announcement contains details for users of the CodeQL CLI and advanced setup for code scanning. If you’re using GitHub code scanning default setup (which is powered by the CodeQL engine), this related release announcement will likely contain the information you’re looking for.

Previously, CodeQL required a working build to analyze Java projects. This could either be automatically detected or manually specified. Starting with CodeQL 2.16.5, you can now scan Java code without the need for a build. Our large-scale testing has shown that CodeQL can be successfully enabled for over 90% of Java repos without manual intervention.

This feature is currently in public beta and is accessible to all advanced setup for code scanning and CodeQL CLI users scanning Java code:

  • Repositories using advanced setup for code scanning via workflow files will have the option to choose a build-mode. The default value for newly configured Java repos will be build-mode: none.
  • CodeQL CLI users will not experience any change in the default behaviour, for compatibility with existing workflows. Users that want to enable this feature can now use the --build-mode none option. Generally, we also recommend users set the --build-mode option when using the CLI to make it easier to debug and persist the configuration should default behaviour change at any point in the future.
    codeql database create test_no_build_db --language java --build-mode none

  • Repositories containing a mix of Kotlin and Java code still require a working build for CodeQL analysis.

The new mechanism for scanning Java is available on and in CodeQL CLI 2.16.5. While in public beta, this feature will not be available on GitHub Enterprise Server for default setup or advanced setup for code scanning. As we continue to work on scanning Java projects without the need for working builds, send us your feedback.

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