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GitHub Actions: Introducing the new M1 macOS runner available to open source!

Today, GitHub is excited to announce the launch of a new M1 macOS runner! This runner is available for all plans, free in public repositories, and eligible to consume included free plan minutes in private repositories. The new runner executes Actions workflows with a 3 vCPU, 7 GB RAM, and 14 GB of storage VM, which provides the latest Mac hardware Actions has to offer. The new runner operates exclusively on macOS 14 and to use it, simply update the runs-on key in your YAML workflow file to macos-14.

CodeQL 2.16.1 is now available to users of GitHub code scanning on, and all new functionality will also be included in GHES 3.13. Users of GHES 3.12 or older can upgrade their CodeQL version.

Important changes in this release include:

Swift 5.9.2 is now supported.

We added a new query for Swift, swift/weak-password-hashing, to detect the use of inappropriate hashing algorithms for password hashing and a new query for Java, java/exec-tainted-environment, to detect the injection of environment variables names or values from remote input.

We improved the tracking of flows from handler methods of a PageModel class to the corresponding Razor Page (.cshtml) file, which may result in additional alerts from some queries.

JavaScript now supports doT templates and Go added support for AWS Lambda functions and fasthttp framework.

In the previous version, 2.16.0, we announced that we will update the way we measure the number of scanned files in the Code Scanning UI. This change is now live for JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Ruby, Swift, and C#.

For a full list of changes, please refer to the complete changelog for version 2.16.1.

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If you use devcontainer.json files to define your development containers, you will now be able to use Dependabot version updates to keep your Features up-to-date. Once configured in dependabot.yml, Dependabot will open pull requests on a specified schedule to update the listed Features to latest. This ensures Features are pinned to the latest major version in the associated devcontainer.json file. If a dev container has a lockfile, that file will also be updated. Dependabot security updates for dev containers are not supported at this time.

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