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Reduce job queue times with newly updated ‘min’ attribute in Action-Runner-Controller

The min attribute in Action-Runner-Controller is now updated to enhance system responsiveness and efficiency. Previously, the min attribute was focused on determining the minimum number of runners that the system could scale down to during periods of inactivity. This meant that when there were few to no jobs running, the system would maintain this minimum number of runners, which could be either active or idle.

The new behavior of the min attribute shifts focus to maintaining a minimum number of idle runners at all times. This means that even when there are many jobs in progress, the system will ensure that a certain number of runners are always idle and ready to immediately take on new jobs. This change allows for smoother handling of incoming jobs, reducing wait times and improving overall job processing efficiency.

About a month ago we announced that GitHub's Support Portal will soon require login.

Starting today, you will need to be signed-in to your GitHub account to access our Support portal. If you already have a GitHub account, please sign in as usual when accessing the Support Portal. If you don't have an account or are unable to sign in, we'll guide you through a simple email verification process.

We're excited about this change and confident that it will make your experience with GitHub Support more secure and personalized.

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