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New Markdown extension: Alerts provide distinctive styling for significant content

A screenshot of the five available types of Markdown alerts

Alerts are a Markdown extension displayed with distinctive colors and icons to indicate the significance of the content. Five different types of alerts are supported:

  • Note: Useful information that users should know, even when skimming content.
  • Tip: Helpful advice for doing things better or more easily.
  • Important: Key information users need to know to achieve their goal.
  • Warning: Urgent info that needs immediate user attention to avoid problems.
  • Caution: Advises about risks or negative outcomes of certain actions.

Learn more about how to use them within your Markdown content in the documentation.

In the secret scanning list view, you can now apply a filter to display alerts that are the result of having bypassed push protection. This filter can be applied at the repository, organization, and enterprise levels from the sort menu in the list view UI or by adding bypassed:true to the search bar.

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CodeQL 2.15.4 is rolling out to users of GitHub code scanning on this week, and all new functionality will also be included in GHES 3.12. Users of GHES 3.11 or older can upgrade their CodeQL version.

Important changes in this release include:

  • Performance improvements on large runners (instances with 8 to 16 vCPUs) lead to a reduction in end to end analysis time between 5% and 15%, due to more effective parallelization. Where possible, upgrading to larger instances is recommend for projects that currently use 4 or fewer vCPUs and take more than 10 minutes to analyze.
  • Analysis times for C and C++ code bases of any size are reduced on average by 6%
  • TypeScript 5.3, Java 21 and Python 3.12 are now supported.
  • We have resolved a problem causing scan timeouts on macOS (the default for Swift analysis). This problem affected up to 10% of scans for some projects. Although timeouts may still occur, they are now expected in less than 0.5% of scans. We are actively addressing the remaining issues.

For a full list of changes, please refer to the complete changelog for version 2.15.4.

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