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Secret scanning detects generic passwords with AI (limited beta)

Secret scanning will now use AI to detect unstructured passwords in git content and generate an alert. Alerts for passwords appear in a separated tab from regular secret scanning alerts.

Generic secret detection is available for repositories with a GitHub Advanced Security license. The feature is in a limited beta and access will be granted through a waitlist.

screenshot of a secret scanning alert for an AI-detected password

Copilot Content Exclusion is now available in Public Beta

Starting now and over the next few days GitHub Copilot Business customers will be able to prevent specified files or repositories from being used to inform code completion suggestions made by GitHub Copilot. GitHub Copilot will not be available in excluded files. Organization administrators or repository owners can choose which files or repositories are excluded. During the beta program the feature is limited to Copilot Code Completion and VSCode only. Copilot Chat and the other IDEs will shortly follow.

Screenshot of content exclusion settings

You can learn more about Copilot Content Exclusion or join the discussion in the GitHub Community.

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Secret scanning has a new, AI-powered regular expression generator for custom patterns. Within the existing custom patterns page, GitHub Advanced Security users can launch a generative AI experience where you input a text description of what pattern you would like to detect, include optional example strings that should be detected, and get matching regular expressions in return.

The generator is in a limited beta and access will be granted through a waitlist.

screenshot of the regular expression generator

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