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Multi-account support on now remembers multiple accounts in your browser. You can find the account switcher in your profile picture context menu, letting you more easily switch between user accounts without re-entering your credentials.


The account switcher helps developers alternate between Enterprise Managed User accounts provided by an employer and personal accounts for use with personal projects and open source contributions. It also helps administrators manage service accounts they use for automation and integration purposes.

Because these accounts often have significantly different privileges, there's never any mixing of user permissions between saved accounts. When you visit a page that your current account can't access, you'll see a prompt to switch accounts if you have more than one signed in.

When you switch accounts, you won't need to sign in again or perform 2FA unless the account session has expired. Session expiration occurs after two weeks without activity. SAML/OIDC SSO authorization is also saved for sessions, but often expires every 1 or 24 hours, and may need to be done again before you can access your organization resources.

To learn more, see "Switching between accounts".

GitHub Enterprise Cloud customers with Enterprise Managed Users (EMU) now have access to additional administrative capabilities for SCIM information. Troubleshooting user management at scale can take time and effort. To make this easier on administrators, we have added several new audit log fields, external identity metadata, and a new team membership synchronization status. The audit log field updates include the following:

  • New field external_group.update_display_name: Our logs will now capture and report any changes made to an external group’s display name.
  • New field external_group.add_member: When a team member is added to an external group, this action will be audit logged.
  • New field external_group.remove_member: When a team member is removed from an external group, this action will be audit logged.
  • Enhancements to external_group.update and external_identity.update to ensure consistency whenever an external group or identity is updated.

The SSO page for each user also now includes SCIM metadata for that user in addition to existing SAML metadata. Check out what’s new by filling in this url with your enterprise and a valid username.

Team membership synchronization status checks GitHub’s understanding of identity groups against the current members of linked teams. This allows us to flag mismatches for administrators related to license allocation or other concerns.


Learn more about external group audit log fields and troubleshooting EMU team memberships.

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Starting today, apps and tokens used to create a release via the REST API endpoint will require the workflow scope or workflows:write permission in certain cases.

The workflow scope or workflows:write will be required when creating a release that targets a commit SHA (target_commitish) that modifies an Actions workflow file and that SHA does not have an existing ref (branch head or tag).

For more details see the REST API documentation or visit the GitHub Actions community if you have any questions.

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