The redesigned GitHub navigation is now live for everyone! After a successful beta phase, which allowed users to test and provide feedback, we’re confident in providing a more intuitive, responsive, and accessible navigation experience to all users by default.

Image of the new global navigation

Key Features & Improvements:

  • Efficient Breadcrumbs: Navigate with a clear understanding of your location on GitHub.
  • Streamlined Menus: New menus facilitate quick access to top repositories, teams, and common workflows. Just click the menu icon on the upper-left to access the global menu, or your user profile for the user menu.
  • Built for Search: Optimized navigation for new code search experiences, inclusive of a quick-access button for the command palette.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Navigate seamlessly using any device and assistive technology.
  • Direct Links: Immediate access to a users entire collection of ‘issues’ and ‘pull requests’ across GitHub are availabel at the upper level of the navigation.
  • Mobile & Responsive Enhancements: Improved experiences on various screen sizes and devices.
  • Bug and Accessibility Fixes: Resolved issues to refine user interaction and accessibility.

Your Feedback Matters:

Your insights during the beta were invaluable. Thank you for helping us enhance GitHub. Explore and enjoy the refreshed navigation experience!