GitHub Enterprise Cloud customers can now participate in a public beta displaying SAML single sign-on (SSO) identities for relevant users in audit log events.

SAML SSO gives organization and enterprise owners a way to control and secure access to resources like repositories, issues, and pull requests. Organization owners can invite GitHub users to join an organization backed by SAML SSO, allowing users to become members of the organization while retaining their existing identity and contributions on GitHub.

With the addition of SAML SSO identities in the audit log, organization and enterprise owners can easily link audit log activity with the user's corporate identity used to SSO into This provides increased visibility into the identity of the user and enables logs from multiple systems to quickly and easily be linked using a common SAML identity.

To learn more, read our documentation about SAML SSO authentication data in our audit logs. Enterprise and organization owners can provide feedback at the logging SAML SSO authentication data for enterprise and org audit log events community discussion page.