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Private Beta – Expand supported audit log event types with SAML SSO authentication data

In October 2022, we released a private beta adding linked SAML single sign-on (SSO) identities for relevant users to GitHub Enterprise audit log events.

We are expanding the private beta to now include linked identities within git events, making this information available across all relevant events.

Enterprise owners interested in participating in the private beta should reach out to your GitHub account manager or contact our sales team to have this feature enabled for your enterprise. Once enabled, enterprise and organization owners can provide feedback at the logging SAML SSO authentication data for enterprise and org audit log events community discussion page.

We have implemented a fix so that GITHUB_REF and the github.ref context value return a fully-formed ref (e.g – refs/heads/main) when a workflow is triggered as a result of a pull request being merged. This change only impacts a small subset of workflows that trigger as a result of a pull request closing after being merged and that make use of GITHUB_REF or github.ref.

Previously, GITHUB_REF and github.ref were incorrectly returning a shortened ref (e.g. – main). These should always return a fully-formed ref regardless of the scenario.

Please visit our documentation for more details about using Actions context and variables.

For questions, visit the GitHub Actions community.

To see what's next for Actions, visit our public roadmap.

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