Dual Static IP ranges for GitHub-hosted Larger runners

GitHub-hosted larger runners now support dual IP ranges when configured with Static IPs for the GitHub Enterprise Cloud plan.

Static IP enables Enterprise Cloud customers to choose whether a static IP address range will be assigned to their larger runner instances. This provides a fixed IP address range that can be added to your allow list for access to internal systems and can be used in conjunction with GitHub’s IP allow list to enable hosted actions runners and IP allow listing at the same time.

With dual IP ranges, larger runner instances will now receive two IP ranges instead of a single range. This enables runners to scale beyond the previously existing 500 concurrency limit. Additionally, the two IP ranges are created in different geographical locations, providing resiliency against regional outages.

Getting started

For newly created larger runner instances with the Static IP feature, 2 IP ranges will be assigned by default going forward and no additional action is required.

For existing larger runner instances that have Static IP configured:

  • GitHub will assign an additional IP range(s) that admins can view by heading to their existing static IP enabled larger runners.
  • Admins will have 30 days to update their existing firewalls or internal IP allowlists with the new IP ranges before GitHub starts utilizing the new ranges for the runners.
  • Admins will also receive an email guiding them to take the necessary steps for their existing static IP enabled larger runners to continue to function as they switch to the dual IP range functionality.

You can learn more about the Static IP feature by heading over to documentation. If you have any feedback to help improve this experience, be sure to post it on our GitHub Community Discussion.

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