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Code scanning with CodeQL now supports Java codebases that use Project Lombok. Previously, code scanning users were able to scan Java applications that contained Lombok code, but all the contents of files containing Lombok code were either skipped or users had to apply a workaround to prepare the applications for scanning. The improved support means that code with Lombok features will be automatically scanned without requiring any workaround.

As more code will now be analyzed by the CodeQL engine, we can establish more accurate data flow (or lack thereof) through Lombok code. This might have an impact on the number of alerts produced by a scan. The most common scenario is that additional alerts appear in the newly-analyzed code. Conversely, there is a very small chance that some existing alerts are closed.

Improved support for Java applications built using Lombok is available for code scanning users on starting today and GitHub Enterprise Server users starting with 3.11. CodeQL CLI will provide out of the box support starting with the upcoming version 2.14.4. Security researchers can set up the CodeQL CLI and VS Code extension by following these instructions.

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