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Update to Actions usage in Enterprise Managed User namespace repositories

Enterprise Managed User namespace repositories were previously able to use GitHub-hosted Actions runners outside of the owning enterprise's entitlements. This was not an intentional configuration. Today we have disabled the ability for EMU user namespace repositories to use GitHub-hosted runners.

For customers using inner source workflows we recommend forking from an organization owned repository into your user namespace. You may then open a pull request back to the upstream repository and actions workflows will run as usual within the context of that organization and enterprise.

Learn more about enabling private repositories to run actions workflows from forks.

GitHub Enterprise Server 3.10 is generally available

GitHub Enterprise Server 3.10 gives customers more control over how their instance is used and run. Here are a few highlights:

  • GitHub Projects is generally available, with additions that help teams manage large projects
  • Always deploy safely, with custom deployment protection rules for GitHub Actions and new policy control over runners
  • Start finding vulnerabilities in all your repositories, in just a few clicks with a new default setup experience for GitHub Advanced Security code scanning, and track security coverage and risk at the enterprise level
  • Fine-grained personal access tokens (PATs) bring granular control to PATs
  • Branch protections meet more compliance needs with more control over merge policies
  • Backup instances faster and more incrementally, for more confident operations

If you are upgrading from Enterprise Server 3.8 then this release also includes an upgrade from MySQL 5.7 to 8, which will increase I/O utilization. Please read this page for more details on this increase and how to mitigate it if you see an unacceptable degradation of performance on your instance.

To learn more about about GitHub Enterprise Server 3.10 read the release notes,
or download it now.
If you have any feedback or questions, please contact our Support team.

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GitHub Actions asks customers to review their network allow list for self-hosted runners according to the requirements in our documentation.

Network access to GitHub's * is essential for the self-hosted runners. Requiring wildcard access allows GitHub Actions to be flexible moving forward as we improve the service. Customers that do not allow wildcard access risk having interruptions in their GitHub Actions usage as we start enforcing this requirement on September 12, 2023. Please reach out to the customer support if you have limitations with configuring wildcard access in the on-premises firewall solution.

Learn more about GitHub Actions self-hosted runners.

For questions, visit the GitHub Actions community.

To see what's next for Actions, visit our public roadmap.

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