With the Repository Actions Runners List, you can now view all available runners in the Actions tab of a repository. This feature is now in public beta and will be gradually released in the upcoming weeks.

The runner types listed include Standard GitHub-hosted, Larger GitHub-hosted (for faster builds), Self-hosted, and Scale-sets.

Repository Actions Runners List

For some benefits of using the Repository Actions Runners List:

  • Visibility across all GitHub Actions runners: Users with repo:write access can now view runner options without needing to rely on internal documentation or contacting a Repo admin or an Organization owner for runner label names.
  • Faster access to runner labels: Quickly view and copy labels for all runners, making it straightforward to identify the type of runner you need and use it in a workflow.

To access the Repository Actions Runners List:

  1. Navigate to the main page of the repository.
  2. Click the “Actions” tab under your repository name.
  3. Under the “Management” section in the left sidebar, click on “Runners”.
  4. Explore the available runners for the repository and copy runner labels as needed.

Note: Enterprise and Organization owners can also create new runners from this page from the “New runner” button.

This feature is available to users with:

  • Free and Pro Personal Accounts
  • Free Organizations
  • Paid Organizations on the Team and GitHub Enterprise Cloud plans

Note: This feature is not currently available to users in Organizations on the GitHub Enterprise Server and Legacy plans, or Enterprise Managed Users.

If you have any feedback to help improve this experience, be sure to post it on our GitHub Community Discussion.