If you are using the Dependabot grouped version updates feature (currently in public beta), you can now tell Dependabot to ignore updates in the group (similar to how you can do it for Dependabot's individual updates). While closing a grouped pull request will still not create ignore conditions, you can use Dependabot comment commands to tell Dependabot to ignore certain updates in the group – either a specific minor update, a specific major update, or all updates for one dependency.

On a grouped pull request, you can now also tell Dependabot to stop ignoring certain updates that you have already ignored. By commenting @dependabot unignore, you can specify either to stop ignoring a specific range of updates, all updates for a specific dependency, or all updates for every dependency in the group. Dependabot will now also list in the pull request body all the ignore conditions it used to build the pull request. Alternatively, you can comment @dependabot show <dependency-name> ignore conditions and Dependabot will list the ignore conditions for that dependency.

For more information on Dependabot ignore conditions and chat commands, please see the documentation.