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Swift Support for Dependabot Updates

Dependabot can now open pull requests to update your Swift dependencies. In June, support for Swift advisories in the Advisory Database and Dependabot alerts was released. Dependabot will now be able to open pull requests to fix related alerts, and you will also be able to configure scheduled updates for your dependencies via dependabot.yml.

For more information on how to configure Dependabot updates, please view our documentation here:

As part of the two-factor authentication requirement program on, the People pages of enterprises and organizations have been updated to include the 2FA requirement status of members and collaborators. As an administrator, you can see which of your users have not yet enabled 2FA but are required to do so because of an action they have take in one of your organizations, or elsewhere on

A clock icon will appear as a user's 2FA status will show if the user is required to enable 2FA. When the icon is red, they are past the due date for enabling 2FA, and are at risk of being blocked from accessing until they enable it. Clicking the clock icon will display the user's enrollment date.

You can filter the UI to show only users who have a pending requirement. Enrollment dates are also now included in the CSV and JSON downloads of enterprise and organization memberships.

To learn more about the 2fa enrollment program, see our blog post with more details. For information about viewing your members, see the organization and enterprise documentation.

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Organization owners and security managers can now view metrics associated with push protection usage across their organization.

The overview shows a summary of how many pushes containing secrets have been successfully blocked across the organization by push protection, as well as how many times push protection was bypassed.

You can also find more granular metrics, including:

  • the secret types that have been blocked or bypassed the most
  • the repositories that have had the most pushes blocked
  • the repositories that are bypassing push protection the most
  • the percentage distribution of reasons that users give when they bypass the protection

These metrics are found under the Security tab of your organization and are based on activity from the last 30 days.

screenshot of push protection metrics, showing overall secrets blocked and details on most blocked types, repositories with most pushes blocked, and bypassed secret metrics

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