In early July, GitHub announced a new rate limit was coming for the audit log API endpoints. Starting today, each audit log API endpoint will impose a rate limit of 1,750 queries per hour per user, IP address, enterprise, or organization. This is higher than the previously stated change to 15 queries per minute, in order to allow integrators more time to adjust workflows and scripts which programmatically query the audit log API. We intend to enforce a limit of 15 queries per minute on or after November 1st, 2023.

This rate limit will be enforced on each combination of an individual user, IP address and entity path (/orgs/<org_name>/audit_log or /enterprises/<enterprise_name>/audit_log) independently.

To adapt to these changes and avoid rate limiting, programs or integrations querying the audit log API should query at a maximum frequency of 1,750 queries per hour. Additionally, applications querying the audit log API should be updated to honor HTTP 403 and 429 responses to dynamically adjust to the back-pressure exerted by GitHub.

For additional information, please consult our documentation on handling rate limits for requests from personal accounts and rate limits for GitHub Apps. Alternatively, enterprises seeking access to near real-time data should consider streaming your enterprise audit log.