Today's Changelog brings you sorting improvements, the ability to select a template or form when creating a new issue from your project and adding a new option to a single select field from the side panel!

🗄 Improvements to sorting fields

You can now sort items in a view using two different fields. Select Sort by in the view menu and select a primary sort field, and then hold down Alt (Option on MacOS) to select the secondary sort field.

Accessing issue templates in Projects

When creating a new issue directly from a project, you can now choose an issue template or form to apply.

Simply use the + button in the project omnibar and select Create new issue to get started.

image shows a number of options for different issue templates and forms

Adding a new single-select field option from the side panel

We've updated the side panel so that you can add a new option when editing a single-select field. Start typing and you'll be prompted to add a new option if the text doesn't match an existing option.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Items can now be dragged into collapsed groups in the roadmap layout
  • Empty cells can now be copied and pasted in the table layout
  • Export view data now includes the URL for issues and pull requests
  • Emojis now render in the browser tab title
  • Fixed a bug where you could not copy and paste Assignee information outside of a project
  • Fixed a bug where you could not use Tab to navigate Assignee values on board items
  • Your classic project link now has a working URL after completing migration

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