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EMU innersource restricted users private beta is now guest collaborators

In late 2022 we launched a private beta of innersource restricted users allowing customers with enterprise managed users (EMU) to assign an IdP-defined role to users who should not be granted access to internal repositories in any organization they are not expressly a member. We have made improvements to align product behavior with beta customer feedback and are updating the feature name to "guest collaborators" to better reflect the expected use cases. Guest collaborators are distinct from outside collaborators because they are always IdP-defined users intended to be fully managed within an enterprise's security boundary.

Existing private beta customers will see visual changes reflecting the transition from "restricted users" to "guest collaborators" over the coming days. We have also submitted Azure AD and Okta app changes to support a "guest collaborator" role to replace "restricted user". While the guest collaborators feature remains in private beta, we are working toward an upcoming public beta release adding the ability to selectively add guest collaborators to individual repositories without granting organization membership. At public beta release, we will have more information on how to transition your existing app integration without any breaking change.

We are still accepting private beta enrollments for customers if you would like to test the existing capabilities of the feature. Please reach out to your account team or contact our sales team for more details.

Today, we are announcing that larger hosted runners for GitHub Actions are generally available for paid Team and Enterprise Cloud plans! This feature has been in public beta since September of 2022 where customers have been using it in production to run their CI/CD jobs faster and with more flexibility.

larger runner machine sizes

The new larger runners provide new capabilities:

  • Larger Linux and Windows machines: This allows development teams to use machine sizes up to 64 vCPUs with 256 GB of RAM, and 2 TB of SSD storage to support their on-demand CI/CD jobs and other workflows. Larger runners are charged by the job minute for both private and public repositories and do not consume included minutes.
  • Static IP address to enable secure access to your resources: Enterprise Cloud customers can now choose whether a static IP address range will be assigned to their larger runner instances. This provides a fixed IP address range that you can add to your allow list for access to internal systems. You can also use this in conjunction with GitHub’s IP allow list to enable hosted actions runners and IP allow listing at the same time.
  • Administrative control over access to larger runners and concurrency: Your administrators can decide who has access to larger machine sizes and at what concurrency, providing guard rails on spending.

You can learn about the larger runner per job minute pricing by checking the current pricing documentation and learn more about this feature by digging into the documentation.

If you have any feedback to help improve this experience, be sure to post it on our GitHub Community Discussion.

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