Building upon the success of our organization-level security coverage and risk views, today we're introducing enterprise-level views to offer enhanced visibility into your enterprise's security coverage and risk analysis. The refreshed design provides you with an improved user experience with insights and dynamic filtering to maximize your productivity.

Coverage view

The coverage view allows you to gain visibility into the enablement status of security features across all repositories within your enterprise. Within the coverage view, you can:

  • Monitor the counts and percentages of repositories with GitHub security features enabled or disabled, which update when you apply filters.
  • Track enablement for additional security features, including secret scanning push protection, Dependabot security updates, and code scanning pull request alerts.

Enterprise-level security coverage

Risk view

Complementing the coverage view, the new risk view provides a comprehensive overview of all alerts across your enterprise. In the risk view, you can:

  • View the counts and percentages of repositories with security vulnerabilities, which also update when you apply filters.
  • Access open alerts categorized by severity for both Dependabot and code scanning.

Enterprise-level security risk

Both views are now available as a public beta. In the next few weeks, we will deprecate the enterprise-level overview page in favor of these two new views.

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