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Maximum Codespaces per User Policy

Organization administrators can now specify the maximum number of organization-billed codespaces that any member of the organization, or collaborator, can create.

By default, without this new policy, if organization members or collaborators are permitted to create codespaces that are billable to your organization, they can create multiple such codespaces. The number of codespaces someone can create is governed by a limit to the total number of codespaces that they can create across all repositories they can access. This limit is set by GitHub. With this new policy you can now control the maximum number of organization owned codespaces someone can create.

When this policy is applied to an organization, members or collaborators who meet or exceed this limit will be unable to create new codespaces that are billed to the organization. In order to create a new organization-billed codespace, they must first delete existing codespaces owned by the organization to get below the specified limit. The maximum codespaces policy does not impact user-billed codespaces, or codespaces created on repositories that are not owned by the organization. The policy must be applied across the entire organization, and cannot target specific repositories.

This policy, especially when combined with the existing retention period and idle timeout policies, provides organization administrators new ways to control cost within their organization, while encouraging best practices around cleaning up codespaces that are no longer in use.

To get started, review the documentation for how to apply a maximum codespaces per user policy within your organization.

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You can now archive all repositories in an organization with a single click. Archiving an organization will:

  • Archive all repositories in the organization
  • Set a key in the API to indicate the org has been archived
  • Restrict activities in that organization such as creating new repos
  • Display a banner on the organization's profile indicating that it's been archived

To archive an organization, go to the organization's settings page and click the "Archive organization" button in the Danger Zone. This will launch a background job which performs the archiving; once complete, the banner will show up on the organization's profile page.

For more information on organization archiving, including how to un-archive an organization, see "Archiving an organization"

This feature is in public beta. We'd love to hear your feedback on how it works for you.

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An image titled "GitHub Global Navigation Beta" that shows the top of a GitHub webpage that has the new navigation UI.

The beta of GitHub’s redesigned site navigation is now enabled for everyone by default and includes additional improvements and bug fixes.


In April, the redesigned navigation beta became available to anyone who manually enabled it for their account. The changelog for that release included:

  • Breadcrumbs to provide you with a clear understanding of your location on GitHub.
  • New menus that make your top repositories and teams available from every page on GitHub.
  • A consistent, responsive, and more accessible experience that lets you navigate GitHub using any device and assistive technology.

Today’s release enables the new navigation beta for everyone by default and includes improvements based on feedback:

  • A separate button that opens the left menu, containing links to home, issues, pull requests, and discussions.
  • The GitHub icon links to the home dashboard.
  • Links to issues and pull requests at the upper level of the navigation, available in one click without opening a menu.
  • Improvements to the mobile and responsive experiences.
  • Bug fixes, including accessibility improvements.

Image of the new navigation, with the left menu open, featuring links to repositories and teams

We welcome your feedback on the new navigation beta in the feedback portal.

Note: While in beta, the new navigation can be switched on and off under Global navigation update in Feature preview.

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