Code scanning now has the option to enable default setup for a subset of languages in a repository. This lets you customize the configuration to suit your repository's needs, for example deselecting a language which is failing the analysis.

Default set up makes it easy to get started with code scanning. The supported languages are currently JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Ruby and Go and the list is constantly evolving.

When you choose default setup, we automatically tailor a code scanning configuration for the repository. By default we will enable the best CodeQL configuration for all languages in your repository. However, if there is a language that you'd prefer to disable in code scanning, you can now customize the languages in your default setup configuration.

Use the 'edit configuration' page or REST API to edit the default setup configuration for a repository. You can customize the languages and query suites used in the analysis. The configuration can be viewed and edited at any time, during or after set up.

  "state": "configured",
  "languages": ["javascript-typescript", "ruby"],
  "query_suite": "default", 
  "updated_at": "2023-02-24T20:00:42Z"

For more information on code scanning default setup, see Configuring code scanning automatically.