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Dependabot version updates now supports pnpm

If you manage your node.js dependencies with the pnpm package manager, you can now use Dependabot to keep those dependencies updated with automatic pull requests. You can easily configure this feature by adding or updating your dependabot.yml file in your repository. At this time, Dependabot will not open security alerts against pnpm dependencies.

All eligible GitHub Enterprise accounts can now try GitHub Advanced Security for free for 14 days. GitHub Advanced Security provides integrated security with unparalleled access to curated security intelligence. This unlocks your ability to keep your code, supply chain, and secrets secure before pushing the code to production. During the trial, you can try features such as:

  • Code scanning to help find and remediate security issues in your code
  • Secret scanning to prevent and detect secret exposures across your organization
  • Dependency review to catch vulnerable dependencies before introducing them to your environment

Explore our documentation to learn more about GitHub Advanced Security features and how to deploy them in your organization.
GitHub Advanced Security on Enterprise Cloud

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Today, we're launching a new brand new tool for migrating from other code hosting platforms to GitHub and between GitHub products: GitHub Enterprise Importer (GEI).

With GitHub Enterprise Importer, you can migrate to or GitHub Enterprise Cloud and bring your source code and collaboration history (for example code reviews and comments) with you.

We’re publicly launching GitHub Enterprise Importer today — but already, it has been used by over 2,000 customers to migrate more than 400,000 repositories to GitHub Enterprise Cloud.

Today, we support the following migrations paths:

  • Azure DevOps to
  • GitHub Enterprise Server to
  • Moving your existing repos to an enterprise with Enterprise Managed Users enabled

Next up, we'll be launching support for migrations from Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Data Center. If you're interested, you can sign up for our private beta here.

To learn more, head over to "Using GitHub Enterprise Importer" in the docs and check out our blog post.

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