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View repository pushes on the new activity view

We've now made it easier to understand changes to your repositories with the new activity view. Historically viewing pushes to a repository required contacting GitHub support. This new activity view gives users with read access the ability to self-serve insights to a repository and all of its changes.

You can access the Activity view from the main page of a repository by clicking "Activity" to the right of the list of files.

Location of activity view link on repo homepage

You can also access the activity view from the Branches page of any repository by clicking on the activity icon.

Branch activity icon

Activity view

From the activity view you can sort and filter to find exactly what you are looking for.

Filter activity type

Here is an example of how you could use the activity view to find a force push on a particular branch, and then compare the changes to the repository before and after the push:
Screen recording of the activity view

Learn more about the Activity view.

Already using the activity view? We'd love to hear your feedback.

Today's Changelog brings you project templates, support for tasklists on mobile, and bulk edit support on boards!

🎨 Project templates for organizations

Project templates for organizations are now in public beta! Building upon the recently released ability to copy an existing project you can now create, save and reuse projects with templates, helping you save time and create a consistent approach to managing your projects.

To get started with project templates:

  • Project admins will see a new option Make template on the settings page that will set the project as a template.
  • If you want to keep your current project, but think it will make a great template, admins and write access users will see the option to Copy as template, which will create a new version without your issues and pull requests as a template.
  • To see all templates, simply search for is:template on the projects page.
  • When creating a new project, you will see available templates in the sidebar.

image shows a number of project template options when starting a new project

As we continue to build out more functionality for project templates we would love your feedback and to hear more about your experiences and requests. Check out the docs for more details.

📱 Tasklists on Mobile


Tasklists now render on mobile! View progress on your initiatives, epics, umbrella issues (or whatever your team calls them) on the go!

Tasklists are currently in private beta, and you can sign your organization up on the waitlist.

💪 ⌨️ Bulk updates and keyboard navigation on boards

Kanban enthusiasts rejoice! We've added the ability for users to bulk update cards on their boards with either mouse drag and drop or keyboard navigation. To select more than one card, simply hold Ctrl/Command and click on the cards you wish to move. For keyboard warriors, tab to the card you wish to drag, hold shift and navigate to other cards you wish to update, and press enter to select and move the selected cards.

For more detailed information, find a full list of keyboard shortcuts in the docs.

👁️ Persistent collapsed groups on tables and roadmaps

When you collapse a group in the table or roadmap layout, the group will remain collapsed when you return to the view. This is only the case for your view and will not be applied for anyone else.

🎨 Updates to single-select color options

If other values in this field already have a color, a color will be auto-assigned to any new values added to the field.

📋 Copying values in tables

You can now select and copy a range of cells. Use Ctrl/Command + a keyboard command once to select a row and twice to select all cells, and Ctrl/Command + c to copy values. You can then paste values in other text editors using Ctrl/Command + v.

✨ Bug fixes & improvements

Tasklists bug fixes and improvements:

  • Updated the iconography for "saving" tasklists
  • Set a limit of 512 characters for draft tasks
  • Fixed a bug where users were seeing a red error banner with the message "An error occured while loading your tasklist."

Other changes include:

  • Updated the Auto-archive workflow confirmation dialog to show number of items archived
  • Fixed inconsistent text highlighting in code search filter input
  • Added the ability to exit the label dialog without using a mouse

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what's on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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