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Automatic rebases on Dependabot pull requests stop after 30 days of inactivity

When changes in a repository make a Dependabot pull request out-of-date, Dependabot will automatically rebase it so that it is able to be merged without your manual effort. With this release, if a PR has not been merged for 30 days, Dependabot will stop rebasing it and will include a note about this in the PR body. You will still be able to manually rebase and merge the pull request. We've heard your feedback about Dependabot noisiness and are making Dependabot quieter and more focused on repositories you care about. For enterprise customers, this improvement has the added benefit of enhanced efficiency with your self-hosted GitHub Actions runners. For Enterprise Server customers, this update will be available to you in GHES 3.10.

You can now filter by repository topic or team on the enterprise-level Dependabot, code scanning, and secret scanning pages in security overview.

Code scanning enterprise-level page filtered by repository topic and showcasing the team drop-down

These improvements have shipped to and will be available in GitHub Enterprise Server 3.9.

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You can now fetch release notes, changelogs and commit history for Docker update pull requests with Dependabot. This will allow you to quickly evaluate the stability risk of the dependency upgrade. To enable support, add the org.opencontainers.image.source label to the Dockerfile with the URL of the source repository. Additionally, the repository should be tagged with the same tags as the published Docker images. This allows Dependabot to understand which repo and commit is associated each version/tag of a Docker image. Here's an example repository demonstrating this setup.

Did you know? Dependabot's internal library for identifying dependency updates is open source. If you notice a Dependabot pull request is missing metadata, you can leverage the transparency of open source to debug the root cause – for example, if the package maintainer needs to fix their metadata annotation.

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