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Delete Organizations with REST API

GitHub enterprise and organization owners can now use a REST API to delete their organizations and all corresponding repositories. Organization names will be locked for 90 days following the organization deletion.

We recommend reading our Terms of Service around account deletion before utilizing this endpoint.

To learn more, please read our Organization REST API documentation.

GitHub Enterprise Cloud administrators may need to review external identity information via the GraphQL API. Historically, this has required a token with the admin:org or admin:enterprise scope. We've taken a "least privilege" mindset in reviewing this flow and have now made this information available via the read:enterprise and read:org scopes for enterprise owner and organization owner actors.

For more information, see the GraphQL API documentation for Enterprise and Organization SAMLIdentity objects.

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We now show bypassed branch protection rules in response to Git pushes. These are information messages and are not designed to block workflows.

Historically there was no indication after a Git push that branch rules had been bypassed.

Repo admins, actors with the bypass branch protections permissions, and actors in bypass lists on branch protections will now see a list of rules that were bypassed.

Screenshot of Git command line interface showing list of rules

We appreciate your feedback in GitHub's public feedback discussions

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