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Introducing the GitHub Classroom CLI extension for the GitHub CLI

We're thrilled to introduce the GitHub Classroom CLI extension for the GitHub CLI, designed to simplify the lives of teachers everywhere. With this powerful new tooling, teachers can create their own personalized workflows, as well as streamline any custom solutions they've already built.

To get started, ensure you have the GitHub CLI installed, then install the extension with the following command:
gh extension install github/gh-classroom

Command your Classroom

The GitHub Classroom CLI extension provides a suite of commands to help you navigate your classrooms and assignments with ease. Here's a quick overview of its capabilities:

  • gh classroom list: List all your unarchived classrooms
  • gh classroom view: Show the details of a classroom, such as its name, description, URL, and roster
  • gh classroom assignments: Display a list of assignments for a classroom
  • gh classroom assignment: Show the details of an assignment, such as its title, type, deadline, starter code URL, and number of submissions
  • gh classroom accepted-assignments: List your students' accepted assignments
  • gh classroom clone starter-repo: Clone the starter code for an assignment
  • gh classroom clone student-repos: Clone all your students' submissions for an assignment (a scriptable alternative to the Classroom Assistant desktop application)

To target a specific classroom, use the -c flag with each subcommand (retrieve a classroom's ID through selecting it in gh classroom ls or gh classroom view). In the absence of the -c flag, an interactive picker navigable with arrow keys will help you select the target classroom.

This collections of subcommands marks the beginning of our journey to deliver power features that save you time and enhance your workflows.

You can report issues or request features on our public repository, where we look forward to open sourcing the code in the coming weeks.

Share what you build with the GitHub Classroom CLI in our Global Campus for Teachers Discussions forum!

GitHub Security was notified about an issue where private issue and pull request titles would be displayed in search results. Our Security team investigated potential instances and determined that this only occurred when the author of the commit was authorized to view the issue or pull request and the commit was titled as a link to the private issue or pull request. Additionally, this only happened while using the new code search (beta). This issue was introduced when the new code search (beta) launched and was fixed on January 17, 2023. As this issue has been addressed, there is no further action that is required by any user.

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Today we are announcing the general availability (GA) of roadmaps in GitHub Projects! 🎉

🗺 Roadmaps for all

Since we announced the public beta of roadmaps earlier this year, we've shipped exciting updates that allow you to quickly adjust your roadmaps and visualize and track work with important milestones and dates, alongside lots of bug fixes and improvements. Thank you to everyone who participated in the beta for all of the feedback! 💖

To get started with a roadmap, select the roadmap layout when creating a new project, or create a new roadmap in an existing project by selecting "Roadmap" in the view options menu.

📍 Track important dates with roadmap markers

If you are using milestones to track progress for larger bodies of work, iteration fields to plan out your weeks and months, or date fields for important deadlines, roadmap markers help you and your team keep track of important upcoming dates. Configure these from the Markers menu to make sure all of your important dates are visible on your roadmap.
Roadmap with markers

Quickly adjust roadmap items

Plans often change, and so can your roadmaps! Quickly make edits to your roadmap items by dragging and dropping them to a different date or iteration, or moving them to another status or team.

Other enhancements

  • Create a roadmap from the Select a template dialog when creating a new project
  • Edit item titles directly from the table
  • Use arrow keys for navigating table items
  • Use the floating + Add items bar when there is no 'Group' field selected
  • Resize the table using keyboard navigation

Tell us what you think!

We want to hear from you! Be sure to drop a note in the discussion and let us know how we can improve. Check out the documentation for more details.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Enabled vertical scrolling in the Workflows page
  • Fixed a bug where the New column menu was appearing again when adding a new board column
  • Fixed a bug where the Add selected items button was out of view in the bulk-add pane
  • Updated the github-project-automation link in the issue timeline to redirect to Automating your project documentation
  • Moved reactions on issues and pull requests to the bottom left of the comment box, making it easier to respond after reading and creating consistency with discussions
  • (Tasklists Private Beta) "Convert to Issue" is now more discoverable on the tasklist item versus in the three-dot menu
  • (Tasklists Private Beta) Fixed a bug where some repository names were getting cut off

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what's on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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