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Organization Audit Logs include IP addresses – Public Beta

GitHub organization owners can now opt-in to a public beta to display organization members' IP addresseses in audit logs events. When enabled, IP addresses will be displayed for all audit log events performed by organization members on organization assets other than public repositories, which will be treated differently due to privacy obligations.

The inclusion of IP addresses in audit logs helps software developers and administrators protect their systems and data from potential threats and improve their overall security posture by providing the source of an action or event within a system or network. This information is crucial for troubleshooting issues or investigating security incidents. IP addresses are often used in forensic investigations to trace the origin of cyberattacks, unauthorized access, or other malicious activities.

For additional information and instructions for enabling this feature, read about displaying IP addresses in the audit log for your organization.

If you use Gradle Version Catalogs to centralize managing dependencies for a Gradle project, you will now be able to use Dependabot version updates to keep these dependencies up-to-date!

You can read more about what ecosystems are supported by Dependabot here

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