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Dependabot updates support reusable workflows for GitHub Actions

If you use versioned reusable workflows in GitHub Actions, you can now use Dependabot version updates to keep those workflows up-to-date in your repositories! This is useful for anyone using reusable workflows and pinning references to them from the caller workflow, either by commit SHA or by tag.

Read more about Dependabot version updates here

We are preparing to bring powerful new code search capabilities to GitHub. As part of that effort, on April 10, 2023, we will make several changes to the code search API:

  • Code search rate limits will be separated from the rate limits for other search types. The separate code search category will have a rate limit of 10 requests per minute.
  • We are deprecating support for sorting code search results. Once these changes take effect, all code search results will be sorted by best match.
  • All code search API endpoints will require authentication. This change only affects repository scoped queries, because all other query types already require authentication.

To prepare for these changes, make sure your code handles rate limiting. And if you’re using code search to track changes or find security vulnerabilities in your codebase, consider using webhooks or GitHub Advanced Security.

These changes will take effect in 30 days, on April 10, 2023.

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