Code scanning configurations can now be deleted from the code scanning alert page. This could be used to delete stale configurations causing alerts to remain open, or delete old configurations which are no longer used.

Code scanning can be configured to use different tools, target different languages, or even analyze different parts of the codebase in the same repository. In certain circumstances more than one of these configurations may produce the same alert. However, if one of the configurations is no longer used and becomes 'stale' you may find that the alert is fixed in one configuration but not in the stale configuration, which is potentially confusing. Today we are releasing a new feature that allows you to easily delete stale configurations which cause alerts to remain open after they've been fixed.

In the code scanning alert page, the counter in the 'Affected branches' sidebar shows the number of configurations for the branch. Click a branch to view the configuration details, and delete configurations as required. A configuration is deleted for a branch, so may have an impact on the status of other alerts on the same branch. When a configuration is deleted, a timeline entry is recorded on the alert, and repositories in an organization also record an audit log entry. If a configuration is deleted by mistake, re-run the analysis to update the alert and reinstate the configuration.

Delete code scanning configurations

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