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Unlink your email in case of 2FA lockout

You can now unlink your email address from a two-factor enabled GitHub account in case you’re unable to sign into it or recover it. When the worst occurs, and a user is unable to find an SSH key, PAT, or a device that’s been previously signed into GitHub in order to recover their account, they may want to start fresh with a new account. Since accounts on GitHub are required to each have a unique email address, though, locked out users can have difficulty starting a new account using their preferred email address.

In the 2FA recovery flow, a new option is presented at the bottom of the page, which will allow a user to remove their email address from a GitHub account:


Selecting this option will send emails to each of the addresses on file for the account, each one containing a unique link. Following the link will remove the respective email address from the GitHub account, making it available again for a new account.

For more information, see Unlinking your email from a locked account.

Starting Monday, 20th February, 2023, GitHub Sponsors will be processed through a new account. If you're sponsoring through GitHub Sponsors, you will start receiving two receipts for your GitHub payments as we migrate users over to the new Sponsors account. One of these receipts will be for your GitHub Sponsors payments and one will be for any payments you make for other GitHub services.

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