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Code scanning adds support for Kotlin 1.8.0 analysis (beta)

Back in November 2022 we announced the public beta for Kotlin analysis. We continue to invest in Kotlin and we now support Kotlin 1.8.0 analysis in beta.

If you have any feedback or questions, please use this discussion thread or open an issue in the open source CodeQL repository if you encounter any problems.

Kotlin beta support is available by default in code scanning, the CodeQL CLI, and the CodeQL extension for VS Code. GitHub Enterprise Server (GHES) version 3.9 will include this beta release.

Starting on February 14, 2023, users of GitHub-hosted larger runners will no longer be able to add, edit or remove additional labels on existing or new runners. Customers will continue to be able to use the runner group as a runs-on target to use ‘groups’ of larger runners. This provides a more determinstic approach to targetting groups of machines compared to labels and aligns with our future work to improve the runner management experience.

Existing runners with additional labels will continue to support these labels, if you wish to remove these you will need to delete the runner and create a new one with the same name. Users will continue to be able to target their runners using the runner name as the default label.

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GitHub Copilot for Business is now available to Free, Team, and GitHub Enterprise Cloud customers. This update allows more organizations to give their developers access to GitHub Copilot’s powerful AI while providing administrators with license management and centralized policy controls on top of industry-leading privacy.

With this announcement, we’re also excited to share that we’ve made enhancements to:
– security vulnerability filtering
– improved Codex model
– VPN proxy support via self-signed certs

These improvement mean that GitHub Copilot’s code suggestions are more secure, better utilized, and work in more environments.

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