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Migration of CodeQL CLI Docs to GitHub Docs site

Following feedback from code scanning users, we've moved documentation about the CodeQL CLI from to, the main GitHub Docs site.

You can now find the articles under the “Using the CodeQL CLI” and “CodeQL CLI reference” categories, which correspond to the categories on the original site. We’ve updated each of the original articles on with links to the new location of the article and to each subsection, so that if you go to the old location you can easily find the information you need.

The source files now exist in Markdown format in the public, open-source docs repository. If you would like to contribute, you can consult and follow the steps listed in the GitHub Docs contributing guide.

What's new?

Starting today, anyone with repository write or maintain roles will be able to view and act on Dependabot alerts by default. Previously, only repository admins could view and act on Dependabot alerts. This change will help ensure that alerts are visible to the same developers responsible for fixing them.

How do I opt in?

No action needed–this change will be applied to all existing and new repositories starting today.

What's not changing?

This doesn’t affect custom roles, the Security Manager role, or organization permissions for Dependabot alerts. Only repository admins can enable or disable Dependabot alerts.

What about alert notifications?

This change also will not affect your alert notification or repository watching settings. So, if you aren’t opted in to Dependabot alert notifications based on your user settings, you won’t receive any.

If you are currently receiving notifications on alerts, any new repositories will be included with existing Dependabot alerts notifications.

Learn more about this change here.

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Code scanning can now be set up to never cause a pull request check failure.

By default, any code scanning alerts with a security-severity of critical or high will cause a pull request check failure.
You can specify which security-severity level for code scanning results should cause the code scanning check to fail, including None, by going to the Code security and Analysis tab in the repository settings.

Screenshot code-scanning-settings

This has shipped to and will be available in GitHub Enterprise Server 3.9. Learn more about severity levels for security alerts and Code scanning results check failures on pull requests.

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